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                                   Ephesus Ceramic Production
Bringing the art & Culture of Turkey, to the world !
Ephesus Ceramic exist by virtue of traditional craftsmanship. Each of them is prepared, made and decorated with total care and dedication and by hand, minor variations in shape and size add individual style to our products. None of our products are made by machine, each of them is original, no two are alike, and all are lead free. Our products are, tiles, panels, bowls, vases, jars, mugs, jugs, eggs, pitchers etc.
"In this website you will find our unique products. These products are all 100% handmade and hand painted. So if you order something that we don't have we can send you the very similar one that you required." Ephesus ceramic production, Ceramic, Bowls, Tiles, Plattes, Museum Pieces, Mosaic panels, Craftmanship, Handmade, Ceramic School, Online Ceramic Satis Faction
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Ephesus ceramic production exceptional pieces and traditional craftsmanship, ceramic tiles panels, bowls, Plates, jugs. % 100 handmade, hand painted unique pieces and all  dishwasher safe Reasonable priced, discount, Ceramic, exceptional pieces, Turkish Traditional hand work. 
The aim to make this site is, to make alive the recollections  of him that, who has some rare creative work  on ceramic art - who is not with us now -,on of the founder of this company  Engin AKALTUN. You will find the work of art which belongs to him. http://www.aboutephesus.com

Attention: For security, please send your credit card number via fax when purchasing. 
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